who we are.


Three sisters raised on 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll stood together in 1997 to make a musical promise that would

determine their future – to become a relevant, popular music act. Wading the waters of the music business as

teenagers allowed Julia, Sarah and Amber to reach a business and musical maturity beyond their current years.

With successful stops at SHELTERecords and Disney’s Buena Vista Records, this pop rock threesome had the

amazing opportunity to contribute to 12 Disney Compilations, release 2 albums and perform for millions of fans while

on tours with Disney teen superstars The Cheetah Girls and Miley Cyrus.

“We grew up performing for years in random places; from churches to bars to parties to festivals. We always had to

gauge our audience and learn what they would respond to. The Disney tours helped us perfect that, how to perform for

hundreds of thousands of kids, parents and teens all at once and still be able to capture them individually.” – Julia

At the conclusion of 2007 Everlife found themselves at a crossroads – although “family-friendly”, their songwriting and

musical style was maturing – making it harder to be a “children’s” band. Coupled with the news of their parents’ divorce, the

three sisters decided to step back and regroup.

“When we came to this place where we felt like our world was shaken, we realized we had a choice to go through the

heartache and confusion with each other or avoid it and become bitter and closed off. Because we decided to face it all

as a family, we really became stronger together, and, ultimately, as individuals.” – Sarah

Spending their time writing, touring Germany with the USO, creating and promoting their own Christmas tour,

organizing and headlining a 2 month tour through 8 countries in Europe and independently producing a new 4 song

EP, the girls focused on developing their musical prowess and defining, together, exactly what kind of band they are.

Julia (20), Sarah (23) and Amber (25) emerged as beautiful young women with amazing musical stories to tell. Their

resulting balanced and positive view of life and classic pop rock style resonates with their peers and will capture your


“After parting ways with the label, and unexpectedly having to self-manage, we were thrown into really figuring out who

we were as Everlife. We realized we’re always telling stories, writing about the things we know and hoping to inspire

people in their lives.” – Amber

“We want our music to resonate with people. To showcase what we love, a mix of faith, harmony and sticking to our

roots in rock’n’roll.” – Julia

Remaining true to their “family friendly” core and keeping the pact the sisters made as children, Everlife has become a

group of unquestionably savvy business women and musicians. Although their new journey has just begun, their

timeless music, harmonious vocals and deeply honest lyrics prove Julia, Sarah and Amber truly have come of age.

For more information on Everlife you can go to http://www.everlifeonline.com.

For booking or sponsorship information, please contact

Robin Jones of Tattered Suit Entertainment at 972.672.4977

or via email at robin@tatteredsuit.com.


One response to “who we are.

  1. Jay Di Napoli

    I went to New River Fellowship for several years in Franklin, Tennessee. While there I became good friends with Raphael Giglio. He spoke very highly of you guys. If you would like to talk sometime, please feel free to drop an email at the address I sent you.



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